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Dr. Sarah Stombaugh smiling at the camera.

 What if you could work with an expert weight loss physician to make a personalized and comprehensive plan for weight loss?

I combine traditional medicine with life coaching skills to help you achieve permanent weight loss. 

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"I would highly recommend Dr. Stombaugh to support your weight loss goals.  Dr. Stombaugh combined medical expertise with practical advice targeted toward my unique personal, professional, and psychological circumstances.  She provided a broad range of weight loss strategies that fit my lifestyle while addressing road blocks along the weight loss journey.  She was extremely understanding and pragmatic throughout!"

Eric M.

“Dr. Stombaugh is an incredibly compassionate doctor. The weight and nutrition resources she provides are practical, and her guidance is non-judgmental. This is the first time I’ve ever looked forward to doctor appointments because I know I’ll get good advice and support!”

Rebecca B.

"Working with Dr. Stombaugh has transformed how I think about food, my body, and my weight.  I came to her with years of frustration and shame, and she helped me see not only how I got there, but how to go a different way. She is perceptive, insightful, and empathetic, and she empowered me to truly change my life. Grateful beyond words."

Janelle S.

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