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Are Individual Visits Right for You?

In your first visit, we will meet to review your medical and weight history. We will discuss the complexities of weight management, including diet, exercise, medical conditions, sleep, and psychology. Weight loss medications are an option for patients who meet criteria. We will meet regularly as you achieve your weight loss goals.


During our visits, we will address all aspects of weight management. I will use life coaching tools to help you work through obstacles that arise. All of your visits will be virtual, from the comfort of your own home. While I do not contract with insurance companies, you can request a "superbill" after your visit in order to seek reimbursement directly from your insurance company.

*At this time, individual visits are only available to patients whose permanent residence is in Illinois or Virginia.

*At this time, I am unable to accept patients with Medicare or Medicaid insurance.

Are you interested in individual visits? Please fill out the form below.

Complete this form, and I will reach out to you via email. At that time, we will set up a 30 minute meet and greet, so you can learn about my program, and we can decide if we are a good fit for each other. 

Although I do not directly accept insurance payments, I am unable to see patients with Medicare or Medicaid insurance at this time. Please confirm you do not have Medicare or Medicaid insurance.
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